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don’t mistreat people who are sincerely kind

don’t use them for their generosity

and for fuck’s sake don’t take them for granted expecting them to always be there because they’re nice

good-natured people can be worn down so much that even they can become jaded

treat these people right

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Daniel Radcliffe photographed by Doug Inglish (2009)

Daniel Radcliffe photographed by Doug Inglish (2009)

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Reasons I should be in a band:

1) I’d be really amusing in interviews

2) I’d try to reply to everyone on Twitter

3) I’m totally on board with shipping (I’d probably read all of your fanfics tbh)

4) I don’t get homesick so tours would be good

Reasons I shouldn’t be in a band:

1) I can’t sing or play instruments for shit

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My father works alongside our leader, Marcus. It all works. Everyone knows where they belong. Except for me.

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Let’s talk about these double standards here.

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas. Both former disney stars. Both adults now. Both trying to express their real selves and get out of their disney phases.

When Miley started the transition, she got so much hate. Every celebrity news site was calling her a whore, saying how “inappropriate” it was for the former Hannah Montana star to be showing off her body in such a way, and even making fun of and shaming her body type. 

When Nick Jonas recently released these photos of himself grabbing his fucking dick, he got such a positive response. "Nick Jonas Grabs His Junk, Shows Off His Abs and Happy Trail in New Flaunt Photos" Everyone’s calling him “eye-candy”, and encouraging him. No one’s calling him a slut. No one’s calling him a whore. No one’s saying he’s a “bad role model”. 

I mean, just look at these two headlines and tell me this is fair treatment.

I’m so beyond done with this shit.


Today really is graduation day for 5SOS. They’re moving on. They’ve now switched from being an opening act to a headliner. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Congrats, 5SOS.

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